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About Me


Before I lost my mind, I was a successful marketing executive, business owner, husband and father in Atlanta, Georgia. I had it all, and I lost it all; I monumentally screwed up my whole life due to cocaine addiction. My addiction led to mental illness that eventually landed me in a psychiatric hospital and ultimately left me homeless. For two years I was "lost," literally and figuratively. I believed insane things. Really believed them. For a while, I even thought I was Jesus. I'm not. Which is probably best for everybody.

I broke my brain with drugs. Most people who have lost their mind never find their way back to tell the story; I was lucky. Not only did I find my way back (with a lot of help); I found something more; more "mind" than I know what to do with. I no longer believe insane things, but the way my brain works has fundamentally changed, and for the better.

My first book, Jesus Goes to Hollywood: A Memoir of Madness provides cathartic detail of my journey through addiction, insanity and, redemption. 

My illness opened new pathways in my mind; I now easily see connections and reimagine information and data in ways that would not have made sense to me before. I have insights into mathematics and physics that I previously had little interest in. My blog is an exploration of this new way of thinking.

Since 2012 I've been on a mission to better understand Upsight Vision. After 10 years of constant rejection, I finally connected with Dean Radin and the scientists at IONS to begin testing the “Upsight Vision” phenomenon. The results of which are this first current preprint peer reviewed paper. But this is only the beginning. More testing needs to be done to truly discover the limits of this phenomenon. And importantly, there are others with this ability, they just might not know it yet. 


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