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Jesus Goes To Hollywood: A Memoir Of Madness

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Cancel your plans for the next 24 hours and buckle up; you're embarking on a breathtaking ride that will be hard to peel yourself away from, even for snacks.

"Jesus Goes to Hollywood: A Memoir Of Madness" is a fast-paced, headlong dive into one man's true story of addiction, madness, homelessness, alienation, and ultimately redemption. In a story that is by turns heartbreaking and hilarious – sometimes both simultaneously – Tom Matte offers a front-row seat on a harrowing journey.

Once an owner of a successful Atlanta ad agency, devoted father and husband, Tom's life was upended by cocaine addiction that led to mental illness, sparking a cross-continent journey careening through rehab stints, 5-star hotels, Skid Row and jail. Most people who have lost their mind never find their way back to tell the tale; this story gives some insight into the experiences of people whose voices will never be heard.

"Jesus Goes to Hollywood: A Memoir Of Madness" is an unflinching look at the devastating effects of mental illness and addiction. It is an unforgettable story of one family's implosion, heartbreak, forgiveness, and reunification. And it's a fascinating look at how, after finding his way back to health and sobriety, the way Tom's brain works changed fundamentally and for the better, in ways that doctors, neuroscientists, and academic researchers are just beginning to understand.

First-time author Tom Matte brings a fresh, honest and wickedly insightful voice to a difficult topic. If you read only one book this year, make it this one.

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