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A Peek Into My Brain And The Gift I Call Upsight

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

After losing my mind and eventually finding my way back, I found myself with some incredible new gifts. I call my brain’s new, multidimensional way of seeing things “Upsight,” and it has led to some extraordinary insights and accelerated solutions. I’m now combining my marketing know-how, my first-hand experiences with mental disorders, and my “out-of-your-mind thinking” (Upsight) to help mental health marketers identify bold new approaches to their work.

In this post, I’ll give you a birds-eye view of how I see things through Upsight. This discussion may appeal to anyone interested in the evolving understanding of how the brain works. Mental health marketers, in particular, may want to know more about Upsight and how I can use it to help them reimagine their approach to branding.

Upsight is a form of visual consciousness, a layered network of moving, never static, images that are always available to me when I turn my attention to them. I use my eyes to focus on Upsight images the same way you would use your vision to focus on a person walking across a room or catch sight of a bird flying past your window out of the corner of your eye.

A silent movie on the inside of my eyelids

The first time I ever saw an image using Upsight was December 29th, 2012. I was lying on my back, eyes closed and on the inside of my eyelids, images started to appear. First, it was the back of a dinosaur, and then it was red blood cells moving through my body, followed by an image of the grim reaper and a slot machine. I was excited and scared at the same time. What could this be? When researching it, I found that it has some features similar to Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which causes people who’ve lost their vision to experience visual hallucinations. However, it’s not that; my eyes are healthy.

From that day forward it started happening all the time. I shut my eyes, and a movie appears on the insides of my eyelids. I don’t even have to close my eyes; I’ve learned that I can focus on a solid colored wall and see these Upsight images all day long. The only thing needed is a shift in my attention.

Moreover, they must be influencing my consciousness in some way, even when I’m not focusing on them. These images are scrolling across my eyes all the time. As soon as I shift my attention, I see them. Importantly, what the Upsight image displays does not necessarily have to do with what my mind is consciously focused on at the moment.

For example: If you and I are discussing how to make a pizza and I shut my eyes, I may see a 3-dimensional “movie” of a pizza, but it could just as easily be a vision of an elephant walking across a room or even a child playing in a house. Some follow up questions would be. Why am I seeing an elephant at this moment, when I’m not consciously thinking about elephants? Where in the brain are these unconscious images generated?

Once my attention is focused on the elephant I can see a moving image of it doing virtually anything my mind can imagine. I can think of a car, and it’s now driving a car. I can make it start cooking a pizza as well. Please keep in mind; I do not just imagine these things the way I used to, the way we all do. I’m actually seeing them in my field of vision.

If however, I decided to take a more passive viewing role, the elephant will do things on its own without my conscious awareness of why. I’m entertained the same way you would see a movie and be entertained – being surprised by the plot, the action sequences and all the other things that happen in movies. The Upsight images are much shorter than movies, but they still usually follow storylines.

Another observation: I can look at these visions from all angles. Say I’m staring straight ahead and my Upsight displays an image of a motorcycle. If I move my head to the right, the right side of the motorcycle will come into better view. If I look up, as if from underneath the motorcycle, the underbelly will come into view. It seems to operate on a fully pivotal mirror reflection of my eyes. For a more detailed math-related post on how I see 3-dimensional images, click here.

For an excellent example of how I see with Upsight, check out this link to a Youtube video for a company called Magic Leap. Start at the 14-second mark when they show our universe. My visions are not nearly as bright or colorful, but they look quite a lot like this.

Upsight and out of your mind marketing

So, that’s a peek into my brain and the gift I call Upsight. How can Upsight help mental health marketers? I’m glad you asked!

When I’m focused on these multi-dimensional images, my mind is in a hyper-creative problem-solving mode. It allows me to turn a problem over and look at it from different angles, synthesizing ideas in new and better ways. It’s a font of infinite ideas fueled by a marketing-driven brain.

In my “out of your mind” branding sessions, I bring these skills to helping you analyze your branding message and determine bolder, more effective ways to communicate your message. When strategic planning and well-done research meet intuition and a fluid multidimensional thought processes, a special synergy happens. My branding sessions are one part the necessary elbow grease and data analysis of developing a brand message and part “motivational branding,” in which we get the whole team thinking kind of upside down and inside out. That’s where the bold and different marketing happens.

Need a fresh approach to mental health marketing? Please email me to learn about my “out of your mind” branding workshop. I see things you don’t, and I’ll help your team see things they never thought of before.

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Jean-Claude Boeke
Jean-Claude Boeke
Jul 07

Hi how can I get access to the pdf, here's my email


Jorge Quezada
Jorge Quezada
Jun 23

A similar thing has happened to me after I did a 2 hours meditation (as part of a spiritual ceremony) and since then I see images in my eyelids when I wake up after falling asleep or when I get too relaxed in a meditation. The images I see are like a fragment of a movie, but I have to concentrate really hard to understand what's happening because the picture I see is in black and white, and it's not very clear. If I can concentrate enough I can identify what the shape is, like for example, yesterday I noticed after making an effort I was seeing a dog jumping and playing with me, and I saw my hands playing…


Elsa Scarlett
Elsa Scarlett
May 23

I can do this too. Have been able to since I was a child. I was taken to neurologist and checked for brain seizures. I’m fine…. But sometimes I see the grid system of the universe in its fractal design in neon fluorescent green and purple overlay. I once traveled to a place with black glass pyramids. Inside one a group of people were levitating holding this blue light. Outside and away from the pyramids, there was mounds of garbage piled up. At the top of the mountain of garbage was a tiny shack where a man lived. He introduced himself and explained that I had traveled to his dimension. He picked up a piece of paper, folded it as…

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