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Upsight: My Brain’s New Operating System

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If you read my last post on mental health marketing, you may be saying to yourself, “So what? As a mental health marketer, why do I care? It’s great that you found your way back from addiction and mental illness, but plenty of other people are recovering addicts.”

So what? As a mental health marketer, why do I care? It’s great that you found your way back from addiction and mental illness, but plenty of other people are recovering addicts.

True enough.

However, I’m not using my illness to brand myself. I’m using the gift that my illness allowed me to access. My illness opened a door in my mind; it has somehow made me smarter and infinitely more creative. My brain reimagines information and data in ways that would have made no sense before but that make perfect sense to me now. My brain sees connections between things that most people don’t notice.

It’s like my brain is a computer running a new operating system that allows me to receive and process a hell of a lot more information than before.  Or like my brain is now picking up the deluxe cable package when before I just had basic cable. I call this new gift Upsight.

Imagine if your TV was on in the background 24/7 playing the Telemundo channel. At some point, without trying, you would probably start understanding some Spanish. With a bit of focus and homework, you might even be able to start speaking Spanish, eventually even thinking in Spanish.

For me, instead of Spanish, it’s as if my brain has a 24/7 MATH channel. With Upsight, I suddenly acquired visuospatial abilities and math skills I never had before. Can I answer any math problem imaginable? No, I’m no computational savant. But something has fundamentally changed in my brain. I know things I didn’t know before and I have insights into things I never actively learned about.

More Benefits of Upsight

Unexpected math knowledge is only one of the benefits of Upsight. Another is creativity. Upsight gives me access to an infinite amount of ideas. Some of them are brilliant. Some are shit. I call it Schizopedia; it’s my brains personal Wikipedia that I can access at any time, as if my brain is always online.

Of course, the measure of creativity is in the eye of the beholder. The execution of creative ideas is another matter altogether. I’m talking big ideas. New insights. I have more now than I ever had before Upsight, and I had many ideas before. You can’t survive for twenty years in a creative field without some degree of creativity and marketing savvy, but I think on a whole different level now.

The most important feature of Upsight is the interactive visions. You can ask me a question, and I can “see” a path for getting to the correct answer right in front of me. My visions often point toward unexpected and innovative solutions that, with additional analysis and evaluation, offer clients fresh approaches no one has considered.

Like new software from a tech company, my Upsight skills have been in “beta testing” for the last five years. I’ve found some bugs and fixed them accordingly; there could be more. I could keep it in beta for another two years before releasing it to the general public. However, that’s not going to happen.

I’ve made an executive decision: It’s ready enough.

Do you need a fresh perspective with your mental health marketing? I can dive into your marketing objectives, analyze big data, coax insights from unlikely brand ambassadors, find trends and see things you don’t. Email me to learn more about how my “out of your mind thinking” might help bring a whole new dimension to your marketing plan.

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